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Hello Bloggers,
         I must first excuse myself for my absence in posting. As his birthday passed and the hardest decisions and startling moments came closer in time of posting my heart was growing heavy and unable to simply express as I was doing before. Therefore, i decided to take a break and gather myself and to be reminded of the reason I blog and who is the focus in my postings.

Cecil Kobe Garbutt!

Day 3 in the life of CK Garbutt: July 2, 2015
    Studies had proven to doctors and surgeons that repairing CDH immediately after birth lead to a very high percentage in the loss of infant lives. They now allow newborns to have stable vitals before any procedure is done. Day three 9:00 A.M I was released from the hospital. I had signed the papers for his surgery the day before so surgery had no specific time. Until after being released the surgeons were near his bed side when i passed by before heading to the apartment and explained that they believe he is now ready and 3:00 PM. M…