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Cecil was very labile in the ending of July to beginning days of August, on HFOV (High Fregquency Ventilation) requiring high Fio2 and Delta P up to 48;weaned off NO (Nitric Oxide). Albuterol and pulmocort added were added to his IV medications. Respiratory status improved after starting low dose dopamine drip to keep systemic blood pressures above the pulmonary blood pressures, which significantly helped him to wean in his oxygen requirements from 70-80% to 25-35% which was great news, he was now requiring much less oxygen than before. the settings were changed from HFOV to SIMV. SIMV is still on the same machine but lower settings, therefore it is no longer doing the breathing but "assisting" with his breathing. He had less fluid in the area of his left lung.  
        He finally came off his sedation with versed drip , Fentanyl drip transitioned to Methadone PO meaning it is given orally, through his feeding tube.
         August 11 2015 to August 27 2015 he was…
Cecil Kobe underwent Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia repair on July 2, 2015. He did well for the first day but decompensated hemodynamically over the next 3 to 5 days and required ECMO. remember I explained that ECMO gives an infant a low chance of survival and recovery form CDH.
     July 7, 2015 1:30 A.M sound asleep we received a phone call, Attending doctor for the night shift called to inform of the fight CK was putting up and they needed my consent to place him on ECMO. Waking out of your sleep to such terrible news is surely not a feeling I wish on anyone, being that I already knew what ECMO is and the effects of it on an infant made me anxious, mad and hurt all at the same time. I would not refuse for him to go on ECMO, without it he would die there and then, but with it there is a chance to make it. I had to take that chance and believe in God and his works. I gave them the go ahead for the procedure and neither his dad or myself could go back to sleep, so we stayed up…