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Day 2 In the life of Cecil Kobe Garbutt was pretty much calm as he had continuous medication of sedation. Babies that are intubated cannot have a normal lifestyle of a young baby, they cannot move around, get hyper or excited and rarely even play.
CK had a LOT of energy from when he was in my tummy, especially whenever I would take in my Caramel Frappe from McDonald, I craved McDonald Frappe Daily. Therefore, Sedation was a MUST.
CDH babies have numerous tests and procedures that need to complete right after birth. Tests such as crays, blood tests, blood pressure, echocardiogram and other monitoring procedures which they were unable to do while in the womb. Inside the womb the ultrasound only shows CDH, generally, but does not show the severity, or how much work will need to be done when baby is born.
     Remember I mentioned, he was born a little purple color and not crying, known as "Cyanotic" which some doctors do prefer they do not cry and strain their underdevelop…
June 29th 3:00 AM was the last time i was touched with any needle or medication, they were simply waiting and giving my cervix time to dilate. 7:00 PM i was on the phone with Ms Eunice Garbutt, a family member when suddenly i felt this warm water flow down (My water bag broke). I was in shock that i even felt it since the lower part of my body was numb, I immediately asked for the doctors to come in and check me out. At the time i had no idea it was my water bag (first time mom) I just felt this warm water flow down and I asked them to come in, upon checking the cervix, I was up and ready to go. Doctors came in, Pediatricians, Neonatologist, Anesthesiologist.. My delivery team of doctors were gathering and CK team of doctors were arriving into the room also. 7:30 and we were up and running!
     I wont go in detail here to the pushing and all that, but I do remember saying;
"I cant breathe" and the nurse responded; "But you're talking, how can you not breathe?&…

Stages to Delivery of CKG

June 26th 2015 Derick arrived in Miami, Dinner date was very much needed to catch up and socialize and prepare myself mentally and emotionally for what's to come, only two days away!

Saturday June 27th was a relaxing day to do little run around and shopping of stuff I might need while in the hospital. Still I did not feel I was fully prepared but what could I do? Just gotta get in there and do what's best for CK, all about him and not about me.
Sunday June 28th 2015 3:00 P.M we went to a church service with Mr Luis in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Coming out of church at 6:00 P.M we drove to downtown Miami which was 1 hour away. My schedule was for 8:00 P.M to start the process to delivery. Jackson Memorial Hospital (Women's Clinic). Checked in at 7:45, dressed in my gown, first time mom; thinking what the pain will be like what will be the outcome of my little boy and his health. Being a big hospital doctors and nurses Run around A LOT attending to other patients but, the servic…

Story of Our Journey In Pictures

This week posting includes pictures from the Journey of CKG before Birth leading up to delivery date June 29th 2015.