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Expect the Unexpected

Throughout my time from June 10th onwards I had weekly checkups with the OB Doctors being such a big hospital and a big country there was no 'one' specific Doctor to attend a patient each visit was a different Doctor but they all study the patients case before attending. Weeks of doing stress tests,ultrasound and blood tests. CK expectancy date was July 4th 2015, yes he was to be a 4th of July baby. However, due to the fact that he was a CDH baby his delivery date had to be scheduled so as to have the entire pediatric team, OB Doctor, gynecologist and every other Doctor necessary for his arrival. Holtz Children Hospital is a properly equipped and prepared hospital, not only for CDH babies but for children with rare birth defects in general.
On my check up for Wednesday June 17th 2015 I did a stress test and decided and the attending decided that I will be delivering over the weekend, 'totally uncalled for'. 
I had zero clothing with me, not prepared emotionally or phys…

June 10th - OB Doctor Appointment

June 10th 2015
Meeting with my OB Doctor.
It was surely a long wait... and expense? Whooy, don't even ask. We all know what it's like for non citizens in the US.  The OB Doctor was very nice and friendly, he asked for a brief explanation of what I know, what I have been told by previous doctors, and what I understand about the situation I am in. As an avid reader I googled CDH and Youtube CDH survivors every hour of the day I had free I was reading about CDH, the process and what to expect during delivery. Even thou I read a lot it is nothing like actually going through the process and having that skipping heart beat. He did a general check up to a pregnant woman, and later an ultra sound to see how CK's heart beat is doing and the flow of the blood between his heart and his lung this is done through an 'Echo'. Babies with CDH tend to suffer from high blood pressure 'pulmonary hypertension' and the main concern with the blood pressure is the pressure of the…

Arrival in Miami

May 21, 2015

Leaving Belize hand in hand with my mother in law, leaving all that we know about, all we have lived for and been accustomed to behind; was one of the hardest thing to do. It was so much different than traveling on vacation and returning months or a couple years after.  It was very much complicated, The air pressure in the plane could have me in labor before Landing, immigration might not understand the importance of me needing to be in the US, there could be complications in the delivery room and I will never see my family again. The things running through my mind at the time had two parts; the emotional wreck that I am experiencing as a daughter, a sister, a niece, a granddaughter and a girlfriend stood in front of the decision that I had to make as a MOTHER and the unconditional love I had for my Prince. Trying not to stress myself and to focus on my mission to nurture a gift sent from above, come what may, I will make it through with God holding my hand. Unfortunatel…

What Is CDH?

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) is a condition in which a hole in the diaphragm allows abdominal organs to move into the chest, which prevents the lungs from developing normally, resulting in pulmonary hypoplasia.

May 18th 2015 My scheduled check up appointment for my 33weeks of pregnancy was to be May 20th 2015. However, my partner decided to take me to the doctor on Monday May 18, 2015 since he was really tired to go to work and decided to attend to myself and our little one. The Friday before, May 15, 2015 was my surprise baby shower.
Arriving at the care center (Belize Medical Associates) I was sent do ultrasound, the doctor called and asked for them to attend me ahead of anyone that was already there. I still did not think he had an idea of the fact that I'm carrying a sick child. Calmly, doing my ultrasound the radiologist said nothing other than that he is moving with lots of energy. The doctor then came to the radiologist room and asked for results to be rapidly processed. At that moment we thought something is going on that we are not being told. I thought maybe he saw signs before but was not sure he wanted to give me more time. I thought, why rush me ahead of those th…
"Cecil Kobe Garbutt" little CK "As time completes one year of leaving Belize for Medical Assistance, I can only have mixed emotions; of what I don't have today that i cared most about and at the fact that I am breathing and have life." God gives the biggest battles to his strongest warriors. - CK Mommy As the one year anniversary since I received the most heart retching news I realized i need to allow myself to feel and to face the reality of the fact that life goes on. I don't want CK story to go untold and hidden. Ive been keeping to many things quiet, not socializing and hurting myself without letting it out. My son must live on and he will be a story for brave CDH Survivors and parents of CDH babies.