Cecil Kobe underwent Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia repair on July 2, 2015. He did well for the first day but decompensated hemodynamically over the next 3 to 5 days and required ECMO. remember I explained that ECMO gives an infant a low chance of survival and recovery form CDH.
     July 7, 2015 1:30 A.M sound asleep we received a phone call, Attending doctor for the night shift called to inform of the fight CK was putting up and they needed my consent to place him on ECMO. Waking out of your sleep to such terrible news is surely not a feeling I wish on anyone, being that I already knew what ECMO is and the effects of it on an infant made me anxious, mad and hurt all at the same time. I would not refuse for him to go on ECMO, without it he would die there and then, but with it there is a chance to make it. I had to take that chance and believe in God and his works. I gave them the go ahead for the procedure and neither his dad or myself could go back to sleep, so we stayed up and googled more information on ECMO. We were also asked to go in later in the day to speak more in detail of what had happened over the couple days and what my little prince has going on in the inside.
      He was placed on ECMO due to severe Pulmonary Hypertension what most of us know as High Blood Pressure. He was on ECMO ofr 10 days. During that time he required several blood transfusions, Nitric Oxide was also added to help his pulmonary hypertension, Nitric Oxide is able to function as a selective pulmonary vasodilator, which means that is is able to improve oxygenation. Lasix was also given to help with the overall Edema and pulmonary fluid. Edema is when the body retains fluid after surgical procedures, little bloatedness that would have your body weight fluctuating. While on ECMO cultures recelaed Candida parapsilopsis infection of which they treated via IV for 14 days.
     Since ECMO was such a critical situation for an infant to sit in his Gran dad Cecil Garbutt flew to Miami immediately to see his little grand baby. CK was everything to his grand dad of which he was named after, he was the first and the only grandchild that bought so much joy and excitement to the family. Being raised by his grandparents Mr Cecil couldn't wait to become a grand father. He came to see his little prince, spoke to him and gave him warm touch and blessings to stay strong.
     July 15, 2015 was the day daddy and gran dad had to head back to Belize for work and other duties. His first eye opening was for his gran dad the day right before he left Miami on July 14th 2015. His first little sensing in action gave us so much hope, slowly trying to be a normal baby and coming off the heavy sedation medication. Slow progress but was definitely better than nothing at all.



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