Arrival in Miami

May 21, 2015

Leaving Belize hand in hand with my mother in law, leaving all that we know about, all we have lived for and been accustomed to behind; was one of the hardest thing to do. It was so much different than traveling on vacation and returning months or a couple years after. 
It was very much complicated, The air pressure in the plane could have me in labor before Landing, immigration might not understand the importance of me needing to be in the US, there could be complications in the delivery room and I will never see my family again. The things running through my mind at the time had two parts; the emotional wreck that I am experiencing as a daughter, a sister, a niece, a granddaughter and a girlfriend stood in front of the decision that I had to make as a MOTHER and the unconditional love I had for my Prince. Trying not to stress myself and to focus on my mission to nurture a gift sent from above, come what may, I will make it through with God holding my hand.
Unfortunately, my mother had no visa and was unable to go with me being that it was all a rush there was no time to even think of applying, I had to leave as soon as possible. I give God thanks every day for placing me in a loving and caring family that supported me to the fullest and took me as their daughter, standing with me every day of the process and even today as we are still healing. I gained a sister, a friend and another mother in my mother in law, who knows me so much better than even a friend would know me. I have always been a person that stays in her own circle, very few acquaintances and I never talked much about my personal stuff to anyone, her support was much more than a blessing as I had who to lean on and hold me whenever I had to receive heart breaking news.
The entire Jackson Memorial Hospital – Holtz Children Hospital knew Ms. Irma Garbutt as “CK Glamma”.
Arriving at the airport God took my hand and walked me right through immigration, unto the next stop customs, being a petite little lady with a HUGE tummy now at 121 pounds I was super tired and decided to take a seat on my carry-on bag. Oh boy was that a bad decision, the bag slipped and I fell in the airport. So I was out of the plane and safe but mein did my butt hurt with that fall and I had one sharp hit, the young man waiting for us Mr. Nelson Gallardo brother known as “Luis” insisted that I get a checkup at the hospital for safety. I had no pain whatsoever other than that one sticking pain. But as a first time mother precautions had to be taken especially carrying a sick child. Our first visit to Jackson Memorial Hospital was confusing being in a big country with so many turn around before one can figure out how to fit into the system. I was taken into emergency and there were a lot of questions, they connected me to the monitor, IV for dehydration (being pricked three times before they found a proper vein), blood tests (cant it be over already). The monitor was showing I’m having contractions but I was not feeling one bit of pain, thinking in a joke way I was like “is this what women say is painful during contractions, pssh I can handle this”. Since the monitor was reading contractions and I’m not feeling any other than back pain which was normal I thought, so they decided to do an ultrasound.
Here comes the revealing part; They found I have excessive amniotic fluid which was one of the reasons my tummy was so huge and the fluid was feeding the monitor fake contractions and they found the Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, and also explained that it was severe. They then called in different doctors to see me and explain what exactly it is, the process and also advised that I do not leave the country as my child needs expert treatment and they very much understood Belize does not have that. 

Did God throw me off the carry on so that I step right into the scene to visit the hospital? lol. I hope not.

Did I mention I travelled two hours, long hours in the airport, into the hospital and got to the apartment at 4 am? Sigh* heck of a lot for a pregnant woman and all I wanted to do was just rest my eyes and have them do what they have to do.

The doctors referred me to the front desks that were more than welcoming and very professional at what they do. They scheduled appointments for my OB doctors that would be following up my case every week, and to meet Dr. Anthony Hogan and his team whom were pediatric surgeon that would assist CK when he is delivered. The appointments were all to speak more in detail about my health, CK’s health, the process and the steps we need to take to head in the right direction.


  1. It's good that you're sharing your story. So people can understand.

    1. Yes auntie. And people that find themselves in my situation know where to find help.


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