"Cecil Kobe Garbutt" little CK

"As time completes one year of leaving Belize for Medical Assistance, I can only have mixed emotions; of what I don't have today that i cared most about and at the fact that I am breathing and have life."

God gives the biggest battles to his strongest warriors.

- CK Mommy

As the one year anniversary since I received the most heart retching news I realized i need to allow myself to feel and to face the reality of the fact that life goes on. I don't want CK story to go untold and hidden. Ive been keeping to many things quiet, not socializing and hurting myself without letting it out. My son must live on and he will be a story for brave CDH Survivors and parents of CDH babies.


  1. Gial mien.. you mek I cry early

  2. You are an amazing person D. I am truly honored to call you my friend. I know it's hard to mend your broken heart but trust that God has a plan for you. And I'm pretty sure your handsome prince is looking down on you with endless love. God Bless you and your family; 💛


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